Friends of the Cinema

Allan’s Chilli Products

“ALLAN’S CHILLI PRODUCTS is an established business selling jelly and sauces  in Abernethy. Borne from a desire to add some extra flavour to some of the bland meals on offer I took to the kitchen. I had no idea what I would end up with but I knew I had a taste in mind that would enhance not only all types of meats and fish but cheeses as well.”

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Glenfarg Community Cinema

The Community Cinema was founded in 2012, by a group interested in bringing a variety of film to Glenfarg. We also wanted to make film nights a social event open to all, rather than an exclusive film club.

The cinema was supported by the British Federation of Film Societies (now named Cinema for All) who gave us advice and lent us equipment to get us started. We have fundraised and purchased our own equipment, which has added to the facilities available in the Village Hall.

Films are shown monthly, usually the second Friday of the month. As well as producing a balanced programme, based on the choices voted for by our regular cinema goers, we also aim to show entertaining shorts often of local interest or made by local people.

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Muckhart Picture House

Based in the Coronation Hall, Muckhart Picture House brings big screen, surround sound entertainment to the village.

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Letham Lights Community Cinema

We believe that there is more to watching a film than sitting in front of the TV. We would like to bring back the idea of the local cinema being somewhere to meet and share a film with others and to have a bit of fun. We are planning to hold regular screenings with a variety of films that appeal to all ages and all interests so come along and pull up a seat, have a drink, sit back and enjoy the show.

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The Inn Abernethy

“What a difference they have made to this place!”

“I have lived in Abernethy for 15 years and my friends and I would often just meet at each other’s houses for a drink, but to have this place to meet is great!” (A.)

“You can readily see the work and commitment Grant and Lisa have put in to completely transforming the Inn. It is a fantastic improvement.” I.B.

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